6 Weird and Wacky Facials

You may often associate facials with lavender-scented oils and hot steam, but these innovative spas have other ideas. Before you bug out—'you're going to put that there?!'—review the beneficial elements.


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Caviar Indulgence Signature Facial at Equinox Spa

Not only does luxe gym chain Equinox think outside the box when it comes to fitness classes (like Liquid Strength and Below the Belt), but it also pushes spa service boundaries. This anti-aging facial starts out like a classic one, with a deep exfoliation (to soften the skin and allow ingredients to really penetrate) and extractions. But it caps off with a hydrating caviar collagen mask. The formula contains vitamin-rich fish roe, hydrating quince fruit extract, and regenerative marine DNA. The potion helps boost fiber, neutralize free radicals, and plump fine lines.

$175 for 50 minutes; Equinox Spa