Best Eye Creams for Every Issue

The saying is "bright-eyed and bushy-tailed," not "puffy-eyed and wrinkled." Eyes are one of our most noticeable features, so it's no wonder we want to conceal dark circles and get rid of puffiness. Dermatologist Jeffrey Benabio explains how to tackle each eye-area issue with ease.


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Dark Circles

What causes them: "There are two main reasons for dark circles," says Dr. Benabio. "One is sluggish blood flow to blood vessels, which causes a discoloration in the eye area. Two, dark circles can be caused by excess pigment produced from the melanocytes, or pigment cells." Dark circles are usually hereditary but can also be caused by allergies, a chronic stuffy nose, and rubbing your eyes.

How to get rid of them: "An eye cream rich in vitamin K should reduce the coagulation of blood in the area and diminish the appearance of dark circles," says Dr. Benabio. Also, try covering up dark areas with concealer, which should be a shade lighter than your foundation but still thick enough to cover up any discolorations.

Try: Korres Primrose Eye Cream, $34, , or Olay Regenerist Eye Regenerating Cream with a Touch of Concealer, $19.99,

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What causes them: Squinting, smiling, and other facial movements

How to get rid of them: "To prevent fine lines around your eye area, wear sunglasses," says Dr. Benabio. "Look for a cream that contains antioxidants. Although antioxidants aren't used to treat wrinkles, they can minimize the damage done to your skin and prevent new wrinkles from forming."

Try: Neutrogena Anti-Oxidant Age Reverse Eye Cream from Ageless Restoratives, $18.49,, or Jurlique Purely Age-Defying Eye Cream, $45,

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Shu Uemura/100% Pure
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Puffy Eyes

What causes them: Stress, not enough sleep, water retention, and fatty deposits

How to get rid of them: When getting more sleep or reducing stress is not an option, creams can help reduce the buildup underneath skin that inflates under-eye bags. Hemorrhoid cream (yes, hemorrhoid cream) contains active ingredients that constrict blood vessels and lighten the area. "Extra caution should be taken, as the cream can have adverse effects and can be dangerous if it gets into your eyes," warns Dr. Benabio. "A safer bet is placing caffeinated tea bags over eyes or applying a cream that contains caffeine."

Try: Shu Uemura Vitalizing Line-Reducing Eye Essence, $65,, or 100% Pure Caffeine Eye Cream, Organic Coffee Bean, $19,

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RoC Retinol Correxion/Loreal
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Deep-Set Wrinkles

What causes them: Aging, breakdown of collagen and elasticity around the eyes

How to get rid of them: "The simple use of a cream is not enough to make deep-set wrinkles disappear," says Dr. Benabio. "However, retinoids can smooth fine lines. The most potent option would be the prescription Tazorac, which is the strongest retinoid cream available." You can also try a primer to fill in lines so your foundation goes on more smoothly.

Try: RoC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Filler, $19.99,, or L'Oréal Paris Revitalift Deep-Set Wrinkle Repair Eye, $19.99,

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Tired Eyes

"Any kind of overnight base that contains vitamins and minerals will hydrate the eye area and help refresh eyes," says Dr. Benabio.

Try: Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment, $24.50, or Bioré Daily Recharging Enliven Cooling Eye Gel, $9.99,

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Have All These Eye Issues? Try This Multitasker: 30s - 40s

Peter Thomas Roth Eye Overhaul Duo

This eye cream container houses both a night and day cream (how convenient!). Both formulas contain ingredients to hydrate and smooth the eye area. Bonus: The day formula contains SPF 30.



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Have All These Eye Issues? Try This Multitasker: 50s - 60s

SkinCeuticals A.G.E. Eye Complex

Continual use of this cream, which is targeted for more mature skin, will increase skin elasticity of the eye area while working to smooth out fine lines and crow's-feet.



Jeffrey Banabio, MA, FAAD
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About the Expert

Jeffrey Benabio, MD, FAAD, is a San Diego-based certified dermatologist who lends his expertise to and his own blog, He is also a Volunteer Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of California San Diego and lobbies for the American Academy of Dermatology Association in Washington, DC.