What I Do: Kat Von D Spills Her Beauty Secrets

With colorful, indelible artwork decorating almost every inch of her body, long, tousled hair, dramatic eye makeup, and bold lips, tattoo artist and L.A. Ink star Kat Von D has a unique look that blends Hollywood glamour with edgy, rocker style. Try this look — and others! — using our instant makeup makeover tool!

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Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage.com
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Kat Von D, Tattoo Artist and Television Star

Kat's beauty stats: "I wear makeup every day. What you see is what you get," says the Mexico-born owner of High Voltage Tattoo in West Hollywood and creator of an exclusive collection for Sephora. "When I get home I take off my heels. That's about it." These days, whether she's at home, work, or at a red carpet event, her face is her own canvas — and testing lab. "Any time I have an idea for a new lipstick shade, I'll wear it for two or three months and see what I want to change to make it better."

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner

The night we caught up with her at a Discovery Network press party, she was trying out a new shade of red while rocking other products from her line, including eye makeup and foundation. "The Tattoo Liner has an amazing state-of-the art brush, so it's the most precise eyeliner on the planet. The Tattoo Concealer was originally designed to cover up tattoos, but it was so soft and velvety that I've been using it all over the place," she says. The line also includes shadows, brushes and scents. "We don't have false eyelashes yet but we're working on that," says Von D, who'll return to TLC with a new round of L.A. Ink episodes next month.

Tattoo Liner, $18, sephora.com

Tattoo Concealer, $19-$25, sephora.com

Soy Skincare Set

When it comes to keeping her skin clear and radiant, Von D is "a big fan of Fresh products. Everything smells great and works great. They have a really great soy cleanser, a nighttime cream, and two of my favorite masks: a brown sugar mask I use like twice a week and a rose petal mask, which I use diligently whenever I travel, because you get dry when you fly," she explains.

Soy Skincare Set, $38, fresh.com

Brown Sugar Body Polish, $38 for 7 oz., fresh.com

Rose Face Mask, $55 for 3.4 oz., fresh.com

Ojon Nurturing Hair Ritual Set

For her hair, she likes shampoos, conditioners, and treatments from Ojon. "If you have damaged hair, it's amazing," she declares. "I don't shampoo every day because it's not good if you have color-treated hair, and I change my color all the time. I always go back to black." That means changing her makeup to match. "Certain tones of red are more appropriate for when I'm blonde as opposed to brunette," she notes.

Ojon Nurturing Hair Ritual Kit, $50, sephora.com

Urban Decay
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Urban Decay Box of Potions

Asked to share her favorite tips and tricks, Von D says she's learned many from drag queens! "They have to achieve a look that's going to last all day, so face primer, shadow primer, and lip primer are absolutely necessary. Most people neglect that and it's very important," she emphasizes. "I haven't touched my makeup since this morning." (We recommend: Urban Decay Box of Potions, $65, sephora.com.)

But for Von D — who recently split from her boyfriend of two years, rocker Nikki Six — the most important beauty tip comes from inside. "The sexiest attribute anyone can have is confidence," she says. "Do whatever you feel, and think outside the box."