5 Unconventional Workouts to Try this Summer

Who says working out has to be boring? These fitness studios are combining unique and non-traditional elements to for a kick-butt (and effective) workout that's actually fun!


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Courtesy of Hoopnotica


Go back to your playground days with hoola-hooping—a childhood favorite, yet still, mega-effective workout! Jacqui Becker, Chief Visionary Officer of Education for Hoopnotica and Lead Master Trainer, gives us the lowdown on this new fitness trend. "People love Hoopnotica because they get to blast through as many calories as they would in a cardio boot camp class, without even realizing that they’re working out."

Hoopnotica.com has a handy locator map that can help you find instructors in your area, or if you prefer to work out at home, DVDs and kits are available for every fitness and experience level. Sign us up!