3 On-the-Go Ways to Switch Up Your 'Do

Go from day to night or fashion show to fashion show with these hairstyle switch-ups that are easy enough to do in the back of a taxi.



Create Waves

Whether you are show hopping during fashion week or going out on the town after a day in the office, switching up your hairstyle can be just the motivation you need to keep on going. NYC hairstylist extraordinaire Lizzy Weinberg offers up simple ways to revamp your look without running late.

Out late last night at the fashion show after parties? Start your day off with a loose side braid draped over your shoulder. "This is a nice option if you woke up late and only have time to blow dry the front—damp hair will set even better," says Weinberg. "By the time you are headed to your afternoon shows, undo for some subtle waves."