Best Styles for Dirty Hair

We're busy ladies, and sometimes that means there's no time for a shampoo session. Celebrity stylist Lee Rittiner helped us find endlessly chic styles that call for more texture and way less polish.


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Bed Head

1. Gently comb hair without pulling too much of the wave out.

2. Use a flat iron (or curling wand) depending on your aesthetic.

3. If you choose to use a flat iron, gently pass over a few curls in the front and back leaving the hair with some curled bits, flat waves, and a few straight pieces.

4. For the wand, wrap only a few waves around the face and in the back because less is more! Then, add some dry shampoo.

5. Toss your hair over and use your fingers to rough the texture up a bit to allow for more fullness and movement.