Three Fall Trends to Try Now

From the runways, to the red carpet, to you...we've selected the top tier hair and makeup looks of the season to test out today.


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Getty Images, Imaxtree

Bold Brows

Fiercely-browed Jennifer Connelly and Brooke Shields look-alikes of the world beware: This season you're getting some serious competition from celebs like Keira Knightly, and models at such sought after shows as Vera Wang (pictured above) and Marc Jacobs. So follow suit, ditch that threading appointment, and embrace full natural brows.

Tip: Kristie Streicher, a bicoastal brow specialist, who just trademarked the 'feathered brow' offers a few simple steps for getting her signature look. First, tweeze the arches of the brow to open up the eye. Then gently pluck the front and ends, removing only every other hair, for a soft lengthy look. This will give you a good cleanup without removing a lot of hair.